Cover Letter and CV Preparation Tips

Your Cover Letter and CV are your tools to secure an interview.

The ideal Cover Letter explains the reasons that motivated you to apply for the position and details how you can add value to the employer.

Please remember the ideal CV summarizes your experience while always focusing on the employer’s needs; we would therefore suggest
that you tailor your CV to the organization and the position you are applying for. It is wise to keep it relevant, accurate, clear and brief.
Nowadays most employers require a photograph with the CV.

Interview Preparation Tips

1. Study the prospective organization and interviewer (if known)

2. Prepare your own questions

3. Think why they should select you. What can you offer?

4. Analyze your weaknesses. What can you offer instead?

5. Describe your management style?

6. Outline the most successful experience you have had

7. Document achievements relevant to the position (if possible)

8. Keep up to date with any relevant news and law changes!

Interview Tips


Dress code

Eye contact - Confidence

Good listener