Reference Check Service

Reference Check Service

Features of FN Executive reference check

FN Executive is a consultant group consisting of consultants who have experiences in major company and specialists in each industries and provides the best reference check service based on human infrastructure and optimized DB system.

Consultant Group consisting
of specialists in each industries

Human Consulting Group of major corporate executives and overseas partners.

Reference check using knowledge and human network by consultants specialized in each industries.

Experiences of reference check service in various industries.

Optimized human
resource DB system

Self-established DB for human resources (about 170 thousand people) in each industries and network

Provision of reliable and objective reference check service using DB system.

Necessity and Benefit of Reference check

As the number of fraudulent and exaggerated resumes increases in the recession and the ethical problems of employees increase, the need for reputation inquiries is increasing for companies employing career staff to identify candidates' objective reputations.

Necessity of reference check

01 Increase of necessity of fact verification

Due to the economic downturn and the decline in the job market,
there is a trend of increasing false or hypervisor resumes.

It is necessary to verify basic facts of applicants such as
academic background, reasons for leaving work, work experience,
and achievement.

02 Increased need to verify job suitability

Candidates who only have good interview skill are on the increase.

Pre-verification for candidate’s strength and weakness, readership
capability, crisis management ability, adaptability should be
performed besides fact verification for improving performance.

03 Increase of necessity of ethicality verification

In modern society, which emphasizes ethical management,
the need to check ethics, criminal history (sexual violence,
corruption, drinking, etc.) is increasing.


Prevention of possibility to recruit
candidates who falsified facts.

Preventing the company's financial and
reputational risk potential.

Increase of possibility to recruit best
candidates appropriate for job position.

Principle of reference check

FN Executive does not expose clients and referees and evaluates a candidate objectively. Also, FN Executive complies with data privacy
law and takes various measures for security.

  • Principle


    Client requested reference check is not exposed.

    Referee’s position and comments are not exposed.


    Describe the fact objectively.

    Objectively describe the views of both parties
    when the reputation is divided.

    Compliance with data privacy law

    Protection of personal data according to the Personal
    Information Protection Act

    After report the reference check,
    We delete the data completely.

  • Measures for security

    Implementation of security training

    Training for all employees at least twice a year

    Training from time to time for new employees

    Security check

    Regular check on data management items monthly and quarterly.

    Ad-hoc check: inspection on personal PC and around desk,
    USB availability check

    Data deletion and provision of data
    destruction confirmation

    Immediate deletion of person(researcher)’s data who
    prepares reference check report.

    Delete and check the data of the responsible person
    on a quarterly basis.

    Data destruction confirmation sent to client quarterly.


FN Executive does not expose clients and referees and evaluates a candidate objectively. Also, FN Executive complies with data privacy
law and takes various measures for security.

  • 01 Service Request

  • 02 Contract

  • 03 Research Planning/

  • 04 Report Submission

  • 05 Closing / Data Deletion


The fee is calculated based on the level of the reference check

Reference Check Items

Our reference checking system includes an evaluation of the Candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
It also includes an appraisal of the following areas :
Leadership / Oral communication / Planning capability / Decision making skills / Productivity / Employee relations / Technical skills
Crisis management / Inter personal relations / Overall performance / Legal Issues / Degree verification

Our Commitment

FN Executive Search is committed to superior customer satisfaction and we act upon our commitment conducting a very thorough reference check of the candidates. Should you wish to obtain more information about our Reference Checking System or any other of our services please contact us on:

Tel. 02-518-3348

Fax. 02-719-3348